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Teacher Prep Toolkit

Improving educator preparation represents an enormous opportunity for improving teacher quality. With better training, teachers can be more effective in their jobs, which, in turn, moves us closer to ensuring every child has access to a great teacher. Our policy toolkit is designed to give you a head start in advocating for a stronger teacher preparation system in your state.



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America Succeeds’ third annual EDventure was held in September, 2016 in Boise. This year’s highlight reel includes a rich mix of speakers, great networking, Recess, Shark Tank, and the debut of our new Great Schools are Good Business explainer video. The summit theme was Breakthroughs, and we heard various—perspectives from inside and outside of education—to illustrate the obstacles and opportunities we face in our efforts to provide excellent education to all kids. Another highlight was hearing from Eric Maddox, the U.S. Army interrogator who mixed his intelligence training, psychological creativity, and sheer force of will to find the most sought after fugitive of the Iraq War — Saddam Hussein. Once again, participants rated EdVenture as one of the best conferences they’ve attended. Click here to view highlights.

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Pulling Back The Curtain

In this report we chronicle the evolution and enactment of a signature piece of education policy which unveils how money is being spent at every public school. The measure provides unprecedented access to school-level financial data, such as line item budgets and expenditures. By overlaying this new level of financial detail with academic performance data, we can finally see how effectively schools are, or are not, utilizing their available resources.

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The Business Case for Education Reform

This report looks at systemic shortcomings and quantifies the impact they have on the workforce pipeline, operating conditions for businesses, and the larger, long-term economic consequence for Colorado. The data is complimented with vivid commentary from CEOs and industry leaders who provide insight on the skills, talent, and educational demands of the current or future workforce, and the tremendous career opportunities available for educated candidates.

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Idaho Education Field Guide – Volume 2 (2015)

The Idaho Education Field Guide provides quick and easy access to key data that will support the work to improve Idaho’s education system. Idaho Business for Education has produced this overview of the state of education in Idaho and the key data that will support efforts to improve our state’s schools. Idaho faces many challenges in transforming the education system to one that prepares all students for success in school, work, and life. But, with every challenge comes an opportunity. But the Field Guide also points to ways by which to seize opportunities and achieve success.

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Field Guide to Education in Colorado (2015)

This is an updated Field Guide designed to give quick and easy access to key data that supports lawmakers, educators, parents and the general public in efforts to improve Colorado’s schools. A follow up to the 2013 Field Guide, it provides the facts and figures, with key information and insight, about the need and opportunity to improve Colorado’s K-12 education system.

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Educated Workforce: The Lifeblood of Idaho Business

An educated and skilled workforce is the lifeblood of Idaho business just as water is the lifeblood of its farmers. If an “education-jobs gap” exists, it will be very difficult for Idaho employers to find the educated workers they need. That could cause many companies to stagnate or leave the state to find qualified workers. It means that Idaho will have greater difficulty attracting new businesses that need highly educated workers. In short, nothing less than Idaho’s economic future and quality of life are at stake. That’s why Idaho Business for Education conducted this important and timely report.

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Proving the Possible: A case study of Florida’s K-12 education reforms and lessons for Colorado

This report highlights the key components of Florida’s K-12 education reform strategy and explains why the adoption of the Florida reforms in Colorado would greatly improve the teaching and learning environment in schools. Florida’s mixture of parental choice options, academic transparency and accountability, and common sense reforms could radically improve the achievement of all students in Colorado, especially disadvantaged students.

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