Future of Work

Closing the Skills Gap: America Succeeds works to align the knowledge and skills students learn in school with the in-demand attributes they’ll need to become highly valued in the modern and ever-changing workforce.

Future of Work Report

Preparing the people who need jobs for the jobs that need people


Success in the current and future workforce requires individuals to become highly agile, lifelong learners with critical thinking skills to solve complex problems. For adults, it requires a growth mindset; accepting the new realities of the workforce and embracing the need for continuous retraining. For current K-16 students, it means preparing to solve problems that haven’t yet been identified. Educational settings and the workplace will demand an adaptive disposition for a balanced blend of hard skills and creativity.


The report will explore how the K-12 education system must evolve now in order to effectively prepare students tomorrow.

1) Assessing how technology, robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence are rapidly creating new jobs and eliminating others.

2) Examining the need and means to embed critical workforce competencies into K-12 and collegiate educational delivery models.

3) Highlighting the rapid change in job supply and qualifications, and the displacement it will cause to workers without the appropriate education, professional skills, and lifelong learning disciplines.

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