Corporate Engagement

America Succeeds is developing a National Board of Trustees consisting of some of the most visible brands in our nation. We invite you to join as a founding member to transform the education system, ensure continuous improvement, and prepare millions of students to succeed in the globally competitive economy. In doing so, we strengthen affinity for brands that make education a priority.



Corporate Engagement

America Succeeds convened this council of prominent business advisors to provide critical work­force insight and policy per­spect­ive on improving K-12 education state by state. These bellwether companies experience first hand the implications of America’s ed­u­ca­tion-to-workforce pipeline and work with America Succeeds to address both the moral and economic imperatives of re­form­ing the education system.


Lyndon Boozer



Matt Echols



Lindsey Dickinson Baynard



Frederick S. Humphries, Jr.



Bryan Anderson

Southern Company

Case For Support

America Succeeds develops, incubates, and supports state-based business groups committed to driving innovation and transformation in education. We provide strategic guidance, operational support, plus proprietary products that multiply their strength, substance, and impact. To business groups working in their local communities, we are considered the “Intel Inside”—the small but mighty processor providing power and speed toward desired outcomes.

Invitation To Join
Board Of Trustees

America Succeeds is building a National Board of Trustees made up of the country’s top companies—major employers and iconic brands that have a serious stake in educational outcomes for all kids, in states across the country. We invite your company to be a founding member.

In any successful business, there are certain universal practices that make them effective, and we have adopted them as our five core principles:

1) customer-focused, 2) accountability, 3) transparency, 4) choice and innovation, and 5) return on investment. These standards are required for success in any business and are equally important to improving schools.

Because education is locally controlled, most national corporations have limited engagement on education policymaking, and disparate policies lead to varied outcomes. Meanwhile, companies rely on well-prepared employees and thoughtful customers from across the country. Therefore, by investing in America Succeeds, corporations have increased leverage to affect educational outcomes and create healthier communities for current and future employees and consumers.

Return On Investment

The K-12 education system is the pathway for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to graduate high school and succeed in college and/or careers. Since education spending is typically the largest line item in any state budget, and businesses are the end-users of the system’s product, it is frustrating

that employers have to remediate workers with the basic skills students are expected to receive in the education process.

Investing in America Succeeds is a highly effective and mutually beneficial way to confront this crisis. Your corporate engagement yields positive brand association, while the risk of negative exposure is virtually eliminated. Our state affiliates (independent, local business organizations) fight in the trenches—through policy and advocacy—to improve education conditions, but the America Succeeds brand provides a platform for business leaders and companies to be seen as enlightened, engaged, and effective champions for children. Benefits include:

  • One strategic investment leverages your reach and demonstrates your commitment to transforming education outcomes for students across America.
  • In an era in which the political divide is greater than ever, business represents “the radical middle” of pragmatic problem solvers for some of society’s most divisive issues—all from the perspective of what’s best for families.
  • Education is not a social challenge equal to the other hot-button issues—healthcare, civil rights, criminal justice, bigotry, the vanishing middle class, and the environment—but, in fact, the solution to each of them.
  • Connection to a consistent and principled approach to improving education outcomes across all states.
  • Investment in the talent pipeline helps address the unmet workforce demand for qualified employees, and it also helps to spur economic development in local communities.
  • Enhancing employee quality of life by improving the communities in which they live, work and play—plus providing opportunities to engage in the local education advocacy work, if desired.
  • Positive community engagement, favorable brand recognition, and access to key policymakers in the executive, legislative, and local school districts in states across the country

Policy Advisory Board Video

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